Large Bandhani Dots Arka Shirt • Black • Indra
Large Bandhani Dots Arka Shirt • Black • Indra
Large Bandhani Dots Arka Shirt • Black • Indra
Large Bandhani Dots Arka Shirt • Black • Indra
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Large Bandhani Dots Arka Shirt • Black • Indra

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The shirts use ‘Kala’ cotton fabric made from sustainable rain-fed organic cotton crops that are handpicked, hand spun and hand-loomed. They are breathable, safe for your skin and get softer with each wash.

Our tie-dye shirts are created using Bandhani, a technique where fabric is pinched into a point and bound tightly by thread in a circular motion. Each dot you see is tied in this manner. Once the pattern is tied, the fabric is dipped in a dye bath. All tied areas resist the dye and create a circular mark for each tie. The rest of the fabric gets colored with the dye. Since each dot is tied by hand, there are always interesting and unique variations in each dot, each pattern layout and therefore each garment.

The Arka shirt is our basic collared shirt silhouette. Pair it with our Ina shorts or Udu pants for a comfort fit or wear it with your choice of jeans or pants for work or play. Our organic ‘Kala’ cotton clothes can be worn all year round.

Harkoi is designed in the United States and handcrafted by artisans in India. We believe in the virtue of slow fashion and making products by hand. We design styles that can stand the test of time and steer clear of fast fashion trends.

Please note colors can vary from screen to in-person. The fabric is hand-loomed, and hand dyed. There will always be variations in the color and shape of dots. The small variations and unevenness add to the beauty of the product. You will always own a unique piece.


100% Organic Kala Cotton indigenous to India

Wax cast brass buttons

Turn shirt inside out before washing to preserve color and fabric

Hand wash is recommended 

Use a gentle detergent and cold water

Do not leave soaking

Handcrafted in India

Wrapped in eco-friendly tissue in a Harkoi box